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What are the risks of returning to work?

While the risks of using personal devices are by no means new, they have been intensified by the return of office workers reconnecting to networks. Is your business secure? 

Millions of people have returned to the office after working from home due to the pandemic, and because of this an influx of cyber security breaches has been forecasted.  

Cyber security criminals have adapted to life during the pandemic, and while crimes such as home break-ins and pickpocketing have declined. Cyber security targeting is on the rise. As most people began to work from home, this brought challenges around secure network access – with worries centered around targeted attacks putting sensitive data at risk.  

Employees who have been working from home may have been using their personal devices to do their work, this is something that, unfortunately, may have been out of the control of the employer. The risk of this is that the security levels on consumer devices are not always as strict to that of work devices. During the working from home period hundreds of thousands of personal devices have connected to home Wi-Fi networks, which are less secure to work networks.  

But just what are the risks of reconnecting to corporate networks in the return to the office? More importantly how can businesses mitigate these risks?  

Speaking to Computer Weekly on the issue, Jake Moor warns that there is going to be an influx of malware and bugs that will be transferred into these once secure corporate platforms. To ensure that companies are fully prepared for this, it is essential that prior to letting non-company-owned devices access the network that the data is secure. It is also crucial that if a third-party device is accessing the network that there are contingencies in place in the form of a company approved antivirus software, as well as scanning the devices before being permitted to join the network.  

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