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Case Study

The Scottish Youth Hostels Association is a self-funding charity, established in 1931. Nowadays, SYHA Hostelling Scotland operates a network of over sixty exceptional youth and affiliate hostels for the benefit of all those wishing to learn and experience what Scotland has to offer. Their unique sites provide affordable, comfortable, safe, and quality-assured accommodation with a warm friendly welcome, local knowledge, activities, and services for guests travelling around Scotland. 

As a not-for-profit organisation, they encourage guests to join SYHA Hostelling Scotland, to support their charitable youth programmes and the maintenance of the Hostelling network. As a charity, they rely on their members and guests to ensure the continuation of Hostelling in Scotland, including the remote locations that would not be viable by independent operators. Furthermore, due to their not-for-profit status, all income generated from their activities and services is invested back into the Hostelling network. To find more about the services and membership of SYHA Hostelling Scotland can provide, visit their website: www.syha.org.uk 

As a not-for-profit organisation and self-funding charity, SYHA Hostelling Scotland has to be cost-effective in its budgeting. It’s no wonder, then, that Workflo has forged a strong relationship for over 8 years with them. Not only do we support their Head Office in Stirling, but their hostel locations utilise Workflo’s range of state-of-the-art MFDs. 

We got in touch with SYHA to find out why they chose Workflo; the first factor for them was that Workflo offers ‘a different approach other suppliers’ in that ‘there is less of the hard sell with Workflo.’ This is something crucial to Workflo: we offer a non-aggressive approach to our customers and are committed to a flexible relationship with clients to forge a long-lasting partnership. 

Not only this, they say, but ‘service is the main reason: we’re very happy with the level of service. Workflo do things above and beyond the contract; for example, on one occasion, operatives helped to move heavy equipment, without there being additional fees or issues involved in that. It just got done.’ For them, the price is right: ‘when the contract was up for renewal, although we checked to see if other suppliers could beat what Workflo offered, Workflo still gave us the most competitive pricing.’ This, of course, is hugely beneficial to the charity’s budget. 

Consequently, the SYHA says, they ‘would definitely recommend Workflo to other companies; the fact that we have been with them for 8 years is a testament to that’. 

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