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At Workflo, we like to stay informed when it comes to all things technology. To ensure that we stay ahead of the curve, we attended Technology Live in London. This gave an insight into the upcoming trends in the print, IT, and communications markets.

Through gaining an insight into the trends and events that have shaped the current business landscape. This allowed us the opportunity to consider where the future of the industry is going, and how Workflo fits into the rapidly evolving technology market. 

We listened (and asked lots of questions) to panels of experts at the top of their fields in the ICT, print, and communications industries. Throughout the day, there were several key themes and trends that had presented themselves in each seminar and panel discussion. These being: the demand for more security, turning to the cloud, sustainability in technology, the increase in hybrid working, and a higher need for trust and transparency in businesses. Each of these trends has been catalysed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

How are the key trends shaping the market, and how have they been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic? 

When the pandemic hit the UK, it upturned everyone’s daily routines changing how, and where we work. The change in working environment came along with a demand for higher security – highlighting the importance of not only having security software. Being able to understand it is an other issue in itself, for companies providing the solution these security fears.

The move to hybrid working is now becoming more commonplace, with an increasing number of workplaces offering this working pattern to their employees. This has seen an increasing amount of cyber security concerns, as workers began using their non-secure at home networks, leaving them more at risk. The move also increased the demand for being able to work with the cloud.

In the next addition of the Workflo Tech Roundup we will be delving further into each of these topics, in the meantime click over to our LinkedIn to find out more about the latest technology updates.

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