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Working With You – Working From Home

You work from home and we work with you, fortunately our services translate outside the office and to your home. We pride ourselves on being ‘A True Managed Service Partner’ this means upholding our commitment and our promise to you, regardless of the circumstances.

Much like your team, our team have worked around the clock to provide innovative solutions to continue to provide the exact service promised. 2020 saw our reach cross borders (Covid Safe of course) with our new office in the north of England, we also strengthened our team and expertise across our industries, meaning we are now offering Telecom services, making us truly operational across the board for your business.

So where does the journey kick off?

Well, Document Management! We start with your archived paperwork, then we scan it, digitize it, we index it and then we make it searchable.

Your digital journey has now begun so, next we have Managed Print, our managed print services allow seamless day to day printing and scanning operations, driving further efficiencies.

Your data is valuable and needs protected, so it only makes sense to come to us, those who created it, Managed IT, we will secure it, we will back it up and we will protect it, and provide market leading disaster recovery architecture. 

Why stop there, Commsflo, Telecoms the workflo way, you’re mobile, your business should be mobile with you. Calls should transition from mobile to landline seamlessly, constant should be a constant, not a now and then. Our Commsflo platform provides Unified Communications across your business.

True Managed Services, we provide it, we are your True Managed Service Partner, it all comes full circle.

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Your business is our passion.

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