Printer Leasing

Why Printer leasing is perfect for new businesses

If you’re a new business or start up, you’ll know there’s an awful lot of hard work, planning and capital expense involved.

You need to be savvy and think of money saving ventures where you can, to make that first year less of a financial burden. 

Within the office environment, hardware like computers, printers and photocopiers can result in a hefty bill if bought outright.  Yet there are alternative options, especially where photocopiers and printers are concerned. Photocopier leasing and printer rental for example, could help you get into gear with a lower cost solution to funding your office equipment, allowing you to kick start your new business without being tied into lengthy contracts or paying for vastly expensive equipment. 

Whatever the size of your new business, and whatever your print requirements may be, you must try to ensure that what you buy or lease a device that’s right for you. To keep costs low, select only the features that you really need!  There is no point in having an expensive, all singing, all dancing unit if you only have minimal copy and print requirements.   

Similarly, at the other end of the scale, a larger company who is likely to use much higher quantities of printed material, would be silly to use a ‘pocket sized’ copier which doesn’t have the ability to produce large amounts of print outs.

We can help quantify your needs before embarking on your choice of multi-functional printer, so you’ll be well informed about your exact requirements. 

The above benefits mean that leasing is becoming increasingly popular with new businesses 

Let Workflo support you on your new journey and take the stress out of procuring your office hardware and IT software. speak to us today, 


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