BYOD How To Do It Well

What your business needs to know about BYOD

Remote working and a demand for flexible working are on the rise, it looks as though this way of working is here to stay. This change is set to pose issues to security and compliance, a bring your own device (BYOD) policy can jeopardise your organisations’ security, although this post aims to set out a clear way to mitigate the risks associated with BYOD.

What are the benefits of a BYOD policy?

There are several benefits for both employees and companies when it comes to BYOD. Firstly the familiarity that people will have with their own devices is regarded as one of the biggest benefits of this policy. Employees can finish tasks at an accelerated rate because there is no adjustment period needed to get used to the device. Another positive when it comes to BYOD is a reduction in costs associated with procuring and providing corporate devices. This policy also allows for employees to adjust far more quickly to working from home as they have already been using their own devices. The challenges that face BYOD are thought to be similar to those brought on by flexible working solutions.

What are the risks of BYOD?

There are many risks and challenges that a BYOD policy can bring on, some of which being. Making sure that all devices are compliant with company policy and procedures, having to make sure that your business offers a wider range of support for a broad range of device types, ensuring that company data and infrastructure is protected, privacy concerns for employees should be addressed. When it comes to employee concern with BYOD policy a central concern is that there is a lack of privacy and what would happen in the event of an employee resigning, the retrieval of sensitive information from personal devices is still a sore point in this debate and should be addressed in a corporate policy before staff can use their devices. The security risks of BYOD should not be taken lightly, with weak personal networks and switching between various personal, public, and corporate WIFI puts any company information that may be sensitive at risk. Although with the correct procedures this can help mitigate the risk.

How to successfully implement a BYOD policy that works

Having an appropriate infrastructure in place that is equipped to handle the use of personal devices is essential. Having a comprehensive and easy-to-follow BYOD guide that can outline both employer and staff responsibility when it comes to the use of personal devices. For more information on this and to find out how Workflo Solutions can help your organisation securely work from anywhere get in contact with us here.

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