Workflos’ Guide To Working From Anywhere

What you need to know about risks of working-from-anywhere

Cybersecurity describes the ways that we protect our critical systems and sensitive information from cyberattacks. This can also be known by the term information technology (IT) security, these preventative measures are created to stop threats against network systems and applications.

The move to a hybrid working model

When employees move to a home working or a hybrid model, this change places significant risk to cybersecurity measures already in place. This risk of moving from a secure workplace network to a public network with little to no security due to a restricted bandwidth and exposed modem control interfaces. The possible risk is made worse if employees use the Internet of Things (IoT) devices like printers, TVs, and cameras, etc. A virtual private network would significantly lessen the vulnerability of relying on at-home networks, this solution means that employees can work from anywhere using a secure encrypted network.

Encourage Personal responsibility

While it is up to a business to ensure that their network is as secure as possible, there is a limited amount that can be done to but what they can do is ensure that its employees are aware of cybersecurity best practices and encourage them to turn these best practices into habits that are also used in their own home.

Contingency planning

A survey conducted by the government examining cyber security breaches during 2021, found that only three in ten businesses include cyber security in their contingency planning. Also finding that only 23% of those asked, in their respective sectors, had policies recovering secure home working. To be fully prepared for any situation, especially one that can be so detrimental.

Implement multifactor authentication

Enabling this extra layer means that a password is not the only thing protecting an account. MFA prevents a significant amount of attacks, which goes a long way when our devices are up against cybercriminals with an arsenal of tools at their disposal to crack passwords such as keystroke loggers, brute force attacks, and by using previous data leaks. When MFA is enabled it means that the user has to provide another form of identification when they are logging in. MFA is a feature that is easily enabled in the Microsoft 365 subscription it also helps to have some security when working from anywhere.

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