Hosted & Unified Communications

Workflo Solutions’ Commsflo platform offers an extensive range of features and allows you to link fixed and mobile telephony effortlessly. Differentiating ourselves from the market, our innovation allows you to choose your preferred connectivity, SIP trunk volumes, and handset providers, whilst integrating seamlessly with remote working tools including Microsoft TEAMS

Unique, Bespoke, And Flexible Packages

Unique, bespoke, and flexible packages

Best In Class Hardware, And Vendor-agnostic

Best in class hardware, and vendor-agnostic

Unified Support From In-house Developers & Technicians

Unified Support from in-house developers & technicians

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Hosted Telephony (VOIP)

Workflo Solutions’ Commsflo platform offers an extensive range of features which allow you to link fixed and mobile telephony effortlessly.

Differentiating ourselves from the market, our innovation allows you to choose your preferred connectivity, SIP trunk volumes, and handset providers; a truly flexible solution which delivers both best of breed technology and maximum commercial return.


The modern working world surrounds us with data and information. To be a leading light, you have to be flexible, mobile, and connected. Advancements in digital technologies allow us to interact quickly, to collaborate, to engage clients, and to communicate without boundaries. The key to a successful digital strategy starts with a robust, stable, and fast connection to the internet.

In the world of connectivity, there are 3 main methods:

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), and Leased lines. 

It is worth noting, that geographical restrictions, can impact on which technologies are available at your business address. Workflo can provide you with available options, via your postcode alone, almost instantly.

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Whether the new norm brings office based, hybrid, or home working to your organisation; a robust, flexible, and cost effective mobile strategy will likely form the foundation of your communication strategy.

Partnering with leading providers like Vodafone, our in-house experts are au fait with the latest in technological advances, operational benefits and cost efficacies.

Our online portal gives you full control of your sim cards, devices, users, and security. But of course, our True Managed Service means that Workflo will undertake the full and holistic management of your account for you, should you wish.

As part of a unified communication solution; the benefit of a mobile phone goes well beyond simple call making. Along with immediate and stable internet access – including 5G – each device can be used as a softphone to host our Commsflo app. In turn, eliminating the cost associated with dedicated desk hardware.

Wherever you are, however you wish to communicate, our mobile offering gives the platform needed for successful collaboration.

Features and Benefits

Cloud Based:
No In-House hardware meaning no high lease costs or unexpected maintenance charges.

Licenses can be added or reduced to meet changing needs.

Mobility – Calls & services seamlessly transition between fixed & mobile devices.

TEAMS Integration:
Commsflo integrates seamlessly with Microsoft TEAMS & makes collaboration effortless.

Increased Value:
Fixed rate leasing offers easy cost control.

Simple Management:
A unified communications solution offers single point service & support, tailored invoicing and minimal administration.

With the removal of on-site hardware comes an increase in reliability. Our robust & secure cloud platform delivers maximum uptime & minimal disruptions.

Future Proof:
With ISDN switch off scheduled for 2025, most PBX telecom systems will become redundant. With an internet based hosted solution, there is no reliance on outdated infrastructures and your system with us is always future ready.

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