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Top 3 reasons why your business should move to the cloud

Cloud Computing services aren’t just for multi- million-pound conglomerates, moving to the cloud can have a massive impact on profits to SME’s too.

Despite the promise of the cloud, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) says less than half (40 percent) of smaller businesses in the UK use cloud services. Failing to embrace the cloud can mean missed benefits. The FSB says using the cloud leads to an increase of 13.5% in sales per employee at smaller firms after three or more years.

Major organisations have already seen some of these productivity booms.  They have benefited from the cloud in three ways: migrate, (re)- model, modernise.

Small business owners can also apply these 3 M’s in their businesses and start to see the benefits of cloud computing.


Businesses collect more data than ever before, and Big Data is Big Business! Ever wondered why stores are so keen for you to take out a loyalty card?

However, rather than making use of that information, many businesses are drowning in data. Too much data is still hidden, undecipherable or businesses simply don’t know how to collate it.

Migrating to a modern, cloud-based platform means firms can do more with their applications and data. By migrating to the cloud, your organisation can avoid losing a competitive advantage and create an agile platform for business growth, Cloud computing allows you to employ staff to work remotely or flexibly which in turn opens up your business to new talent pools and improves your reputation.



Your existing applications might be working well, experience tells us however, that our current business environment is no indicator of future success. With Brexit on the horizon, you may think the future is too uncertain to make an outlay on updating technology, but have you calculated the true cost of what maintaining historic or aging IT platforms is?

Cloud offers a means to break this bind by cutting current IT costs by up to 75% by re-modelling to a new platform.

Remember that digital transformation is a continual work in progress. Just as the impact of one technology is realised, another swathe of emerging systems – like AI, virtual reality and blockchain – begin to emerge. Re modelling your business processes to the right cloud platform means your business creates an open approach to change and can prepare itself for constant transformation.


By spending less time on current systems, all organisations – including smaller firms – can spend more time on innovative digital services. The cloud can help SMEs to modernise in a host of key areas. The FSB, for example, highlights the importance of digital technology across accounting, e-commerce and customer relationship management.

Future proof your business by embracing the future.

Running systems on isolated and unconnected in-house servers is bad practice. As an ever-increasing number of businesses across all sectors recognise, the cloud provides a platform to migrate, re-model and modernise. By embracing the cloud now, your SME can create a flexible platform for future change.

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