Tips to Find the Right Managed Print Service Provider for Your Business

Today we’re talking about finding the right managed print service provider for your business. The fact that you’re looking for a service provider proves that you’ve already realised the advantages to managed print services. It cuts down on the number of pages you print off, thus saving you money, reducing the total time of printing, and dealing with IT related issues by your IT department. You will need someone with a full understanding of what’s needed, your organisational needs, and be able to identify any opportunities that help to streamline printing processes.

1 They Need To Know You and Your Business Inside Out

As we’ve briefly touched on your managed print service partners need to know your business and, in many ways, better than you know it yourself. Ideally, an MPS (managed print service) partner should be able to provide full print audits. This way, the service they provide you will be tailored to your needs, be totally bespoke and provide for on-site visits and interviews at your place of business.

2 Document Workflows Should Be A Given

They should be able to provide document workflow and provide printed documents and be willing to digitise hard copy documents. Can your chosen MPS partner offer integrated hard and digital copying processes? This way information flows smoothly and efficiently throughout your business.

3 Are They Calm In A Crisis?

Are they good at solving problems and able to get things sorted out quickly without fuss? There’s often unavoidable problems so you need someone that can deal with whatever happens calmly and efficiently. Make sure you partner up with an MPS company that appears calm in a crisis and good at trouble shooting.

4 Will your MPS Provider Grow Alongside Your Business?

Your business might grow in the next few months, can the MPS company you’ve chosen grow with you along the way? Are they capable of meeting your businesses’ needs for the next 12 months and be flexible enough to be able to adjust and expand in line with your needs? Are there upgrades to choose from, does the company provide a choice of cost effective packages? You need to check all of this out.

Workflo Solutions – Print Services At Their Best

So now you know what to look out for before you partner up with a managed print service company. You want someone who can meet your business needs perfectly and we think that here at Workflo we’re the perfect match for you. Get in touch with us today and book a free audit into your organisations print needs and we’ll tailor a plan that’s suited to your business. Give us a call today.

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