The Importance of Managed Print Services

Why are managed print services important? Well, we can reel off quite an impressive list of benefits, but we’ll give you just a few to get you started.

We’re talking:

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Increased efficiency

  • Print optimization.

Sounds good right? And if you join up with the right provider you can take complete control of your production and print costs and help increase profits. You’ll also increase your security. And with GDPR coming into effect in May this year, it’s more important than ever to protect the information in your possession.

Don’t Waste Time on Local Printers, You Don’t Need One in Every Office

By continuing to use local printers you are spending more, and it doesn’t have the kind of efficiency needed by a thriving company. Printers of this type only serve one user and aren’t usually networked, require expensive cartridges which are used up quickly, especially colour ones, and simply make printing anything a costly task.

Accessible Printing For Your Department

By simply placing one set of printers in a prime area that’s accessible to all the teams in your organisation or department, you help maximise usage and improve the workflow. If you want it to work however, you must remember to place it in an area where it’s accessible to all who need to use it. If it’s placed in a room where your employees are going to have to climb stairs and go into a completely separate part of the building you’re wasting their time and your own.

MPS Can Help Put A Halt To Unnecessary Printing

If your organisation is all about the environment and you work hard to reduce your impact on it, then having MPS is beneficial to you as it’s about optimising paper usage. It helps reduce paper consumption, so rather than having a printer in every office where employees print off things that are completely unnecessary, one printer with its own password helps keep printing down to a minimum only, allowing employees from your department to only use it when absolutely necessary. If you’re in a large and complex organisation this can really save on time and money.

Keep Your Print Services Complaint With GDPR

Keeping in mind the importance of keeping personal information secure, you can have better control over what gets printed and when, making sure that it’s not seen by prying eyes, that staff aren’t printing something off unnecessarily, and that it’s only ever done on a need to know basis. With GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulations coming into effect in less than 3 months, it’s more important than ever to tighten up your procedures and processes on keeping personal and sensitive information safe.

Workflo – For The Quality Support of World Class Print Services, Copying and Scanning Technology

We’re experts in our field and we’re more than happy to help you. So, if you want to ask further questions about what we’ve discussed today, or you’re concerned as to how your printing services can be compliant with the new data protection legislation. Give us a call today.

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