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Seven days of Lockdown Cheer – Day 1

It’s day 1 of our seven days of lockdown cheer initiative  and we are thrilled to announce that our first chosen cause for the week  is Boghall Drop in Centre in West Lothian . To make everyone smile our MD Michael Field has donated some much needed craft supplies, prizes for their online bingo games, and a butterfly garden kit so that kids can watch their growth from larvae online via a webcam.

Graham from BDIC said:

“ Kids see the centre as their home from home so during lockdown we want to try and keep them as engaged as possible. The online bingo and butterfly kit means we stay connected”. Please share this post to help cheer up as many people as possible”

Our aim with this initiative to is to cheer as many people up during this lockdown as possible so please share this blog post.

If you would like anymore information about seven days of lockdown cheer email


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