Printer Leasing

No Initial Cash Outlay

No initial cash outlay

Easy Budgeting

Easy budgeting

Maintenance Inclusive

Maintenance Inclusive

Flexibility And Upgrade Options

Flexibility and upgrade options


Printer Leasing

Leasing is the most popular method of funding office technology. It allows companies to maintain their capital position for expansion and investment whilst ensuring they benefit from state-of-the art hardware and software.

Both corporate and SME organisations benefit from printer leasing. Cost management is simple with a fixed billing structure allowing easy budget forecasting.

Regardless of what your printing needs are, Workflo have a printer leasing option for you. We stock a large number of world leading printer brands such as; Konica Minolta, Develop and Utax.

  • Latest Technology-  Leasing equipment is an easy way to ensure you have the latest most efficient Printing Technology , which is a major concern for some companies. Businesses that only require basic printers and copiers are usually less affected by this than those that rely on highly specialized printers with specific high-tech features.
  • Low upfront costs: Leasing not only allows businesses to obtain printers with low upfront costs, it also helps preserve credit. Many small businesses have limited access to credit and want to avoid using it whenever possible; leasing equipment is one way to do that.
  • No hassle: When a company leases printers, there is no resale or disposal hassle. Leasing is also convenient because most equipment providers offer maintenance plans, which can be included in the lease itself or paid for separately. Companies with limited IT staff often choose leasing for maintenance purposes alone.


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