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Our 14 Days Of Christmas Cheer Scheme

This December 2020 our MD Michael Field decided to run the ’12 Days Of Christmas Cheer Scheme’, which quickly turned into 14 days. This meant that for 14 days in December, commencing on the 12th of December to be exact, we dedicated each day to a cause/charity or person with a commitment of a donation. For example one of those days we dedicated to the charity ‘River Kids’, we specifically donated £250 towards their toy appeal, another day we donated an iPod Touch to Seashell trust.

We would like to list the websites of some of the charities/causes that took part in our 14 days, in order to raise awareness and bring light to you, the reader, on what exactly is out there and happening. This was an exciting scheme and something we are very glad to have ran, the Workflo family learned even more about our communities through this scheme. It won’t take this blog to tell you that 2020 was a long and tough year, with Christmas tougher than usual.

It’s been important and at the top of Workflo’s agenda that we reflect back the support our community has given us as a business. Our community stretches far and wide as we know our ‘community’ is a lot more than just a postcode.

As the business continues to grow we hope to grow with everyone around us and walk into 2021 stronger than ever.

To get all the details, check out our Facebook or LinkedIn where you can see the 14 days for yourself.

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Home – River Kids Charity | West Lothian | Scotland

West Lothian Women’s Aid | (

Back Onside – Mental health charity helping people through sport

Get Help Now – Rock Trust