Managed Print Services – MPS

Did you know that on average a company spends 3% of revenue on print and document production. And that up to 17% of these documents are wasted or never collected from the printer. Not to mention that around 50% of helpdesk calls are print related.

A managed print service from Workflo Solutions gives you a level of control far beyond anything you’ve experienced.

Cut Costs By An Average 30%

Cut Costs By an Average 30%

Minimise Administration. One Supplier, One Invoice

Minimise Administration. One Supplier, One Invoice

Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce Environmental Impact

Print Seamlessly With Follow ME Printing

Print Seamlessly with Follow ME Printing

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Enhancing Environmental Impact with Workflo Solutions: 

Our Sustainable Commitment

 At Workflo Solutions, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. As an ISO 14001 certified company, a proud partner of the PrintReleaf program, bearer of EPA Energy Star, and advocates of the toner recycling scheme, we actively strive to improve our environmental footprint through innovative workflow solutions.

ISO 14001 Certified

Our ISO 14001 certification demonstrates our dedication to environmental management. We have a comprehensive system in place to identify, manage, and reduce our environmental impact across all aspects of our operations.

PrintReleaf Partnership

Through our partnership with PrintReleaf, we contribute to global reforestation efforts. For every page printed, we ensure the equivalent number of trees are planted, effectively offsetting our paper consumption and conserving forests.

EPA Energy Star Bearer

We have been recognised by the EPA Energy Star program for our commitment to energy efficiency.

Toner Recycling Policy

We provide our customers with a comprehensive zero waste recycling service that is designed to divert waste from landfills and promote the reuse of valuable resources. By closing the loop on toner consumption, we not only minimise waste but also conserve valuable resources, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

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True Managed Print Services 

At Workflo we offer Managed Print Services (MPS) to business of all sizes throughout the UK who are looking for transparency and tangible run-rate efficacies across their print architecture; all from a company they can trust.

Using the latest in technology, we conduct independent and honest assessments of your print processes, showing where you can make significant savings, reduce wasted output, and ensure security policies are met.

Since 2007 we have worked with 1000’s of businesses, and developed a reputation as a leading light in the managed service sector, delivering on promises, and exceeding SLAs.

Using best in class fleet management software, our proactive maintenance plans ensure potential issues are resolved before breakdown, in turn maximising the operational performance of your equipment. In the unlikely event there is a breakdown, we have an average call out response time of under 3 hours and a first time fix rate in excess of 97%.

With Workflo managing your print infrastructure, you can concentrate on what’s important; your core business.




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