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Behind The Scenes With David

I have been in the MPS industry since October 2000 and have seen the industry like all businesses go through many changes. The first digital devices which could print as well as copy and then scanning capability was added. The industry has constantly evolved and I have seen it first hand but the core of the industry has never changed ; Expert advice, reliable technology backed up with customer focused service.

I worked with Michael (Workflo’s Director) at a previous well established MPS company before he then decided to leave and set up his own company to allow him to offer customers a higher level of service and consultancy. Safe to say he was told that he could never do it and proving these doubters wrong this is what probably drives him!

After having watched Workflo from a distance I could see that the company was very much of the moment in terms of technology and marketing. The customer base was increasingly including some of the biggest names in Scottish business and industry.

When offered the chance to join Michael and the team I didn’t hesitate and its been the best career decision I’ve made. There is no politics or hierarchy at Workflo, everyone pulls their weight and is determined to make Workflo a trusted partner and advisor to our customers. Michael and Johnny set the culture and its very much work hard, play hard. The atmosphere in the office is always buzzing and everyone knows what direction we are going on.

Now in my 21st year in the industry and with changes coming faster than anyone imagined I’m looking forward to using my experience of the past 20 years changes to help my customers keep up to date with technology and let them focus on their core business.

My three kids are my passion outside of work and watching them grow up and take the next steps in life be it college, university or work. Watching how they are so comfortable with technology reminds me that we have to embrace change and modify, or we get left behind.

And that’s a little bit about me! – David Black, Sales Manager East Of Scotland

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