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How Workflo Solutions can solve common office bugbears


When it comes to working in the office environment, there are all manner of things that can go wrong. From the dreaded staff conflict to the amount of productivity hours wasted with trivial tech problems.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you resolve long-standing feuds on who leaves dirty dishes in the sink, but we can help office life run smoother with solutions to some common office tech problems.

In modern office environments, a printer is as critical product as the lights, heating and running water; everyone expects it to work, and nobody pays it any attention until it doesn’t. 

The importance of being able to rely on your office printer and get it fixed quickly in the event of an error can’t be stressed enough. 

Printers are still mechanical devices, and any device with moving parts, particularly one with a high workload, is at risk of potential breakdown; even more so if regular servicing, preventative maintenance and remote monitoring are not performed. That’s why Workflo offer a 2-4hour fault response time and are on call 24/7.  

Empty toner cartridges 

Faulty printers are one thing, but when your toner cartridges are out of juice, it won’t make a difference whether your device is on top form. To avoid this, we include software which remotely maintains the uptime and toner levels of your devices, and dispatches replacement cartridges for delivery before they’re needed, for just-in-time delivery and no unexpected downtime. 

Missing documents 

From small start-ups to international organisations, potentially critical documents mysteriously disappearing, being given to the wrong person, misfiled, or otherwise not being brought to the attention of their intended recipient is a massive problem and one that could lead to a hefty fine! 

If your office deals with high volumes of business-critical documents, Docuware Document Management is a solution you should be aware of. This software enables quick and easy document storage and retrieval for staff in all departments and at all levels of seniority. It also improves communication between staff members which results in a better service being offered to customers and suppliers.  

If you’d like to find out more about how Workflo Solutions can improve your business processes, then please get in touch today call 0333 300 3250 or email contact@workflo-solutions.co.uk 


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