Emerging Trends

Emerging trends for 2022

The fast pace at which businesses change has been exacerbated over the past two years since the pandemic began. An unpredictability that has been shown during this period makes it hard to predict what’s around the corner, but Workflo has been keeping an eye on the emerging trends for 2022, that we think will dominate the business landscape next year.

Cyber security concerns worsen in 2022

Cyber Security

Since the increase in remote working and hybrid working, cybersecurity breaches have increased for businesses and personal devices. One of the challenges that must be met with multiple solutions is how insecure this working model can be. In 2022 cybercrime is more than likely to increase, this could be made worse by the popularisation of anonymous cryptocurrency which has made it easier for sophisticated cybercriminals to collect ransoms. Workflo Solutions have a highly trained IT team who are always on call to help with any issues should they arise.

Rise in AI in 2022

A Rise in Artificial Intelligence

AI is something that a few years ago wasn’t as prominent as it is now, as the term ‘smart’ was used to refer to a tv or phone the technology capabilities of AI go beyond this. Thanks to the evolution of AI we now have cars that scan facial expressions and use algorithms to detect if a driver is tired, or distracted. The increase in AI is catalysed by the IoT and newly emergent technologies such as 5G, the combination of these technologies brings us capabilities to which we did not have access a few years ago.

AI helping combat cyber crime in 2022

AI: Cybercrime

The growing demand for 5G, increase in network-connected devices, popularisation of remote working, have led to a spike in cybercrime. Unless we come up with an innovative solution, leading us to the use of Cyber AI to help companies respond to vulnerability quicker than the attacker. It can also be implemented to protect valuable AI resources and fight against AI-powered attacks.

Data sharing: trends of 2022

Data Sharing Simplified

A Deloitte report has indicated that accessing and sharing data between corporations while maintaining privacy policies. A trend that has already been growing as more and more organisations are making data-driven decisions. The ability to be able to make data-informed strategic decisions will provide opportunities, as the ability to share secure data within a value-chain and others within an ecosystem which will shape new business models.

Emerging growth for 2022

Growth in the Cloud

Cloud computing is of growing importance and has been made even more so due to the pandemic which has seen a change in working from anywhere. With an expected $482 billion spend on cloud services in 2022. Being able to have the flexibility to work from anywhere without disrupting workflow is essential, increased demand for access to cost-effective, and secure cloud services is a prominent trend throughout 2020/2019 and is going to continue into 2022.

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