Electronic Document Management Systems, what are they and how can they benefit my organisation?

Electronic document management systems refer to the ways that agencies and organisations manage, store, and keep track of electronic documents.  

Electronic document management systems (EDMS) help organisations to spend less and earn more. This cost reduction is due to how implementing EDMS can help with reducing the need for paper documents, reducing the overhead of staff time, as well as assisting with a catalyst for information flow. An estimation into the time wasted by workers on ‘unproductive operations on documents’ was thought to be around between 20-30% of time spent working.  

As you can imagine, with the time and money wasted implementing an EDMS is a crucial step in the streamlining of business processes. With the central benefits being far more than cost and timesaving. When a business uses an EDMS it is supporting efficient storage and making the information far more accessible across every level of the business, by helping to optimise business processes while automating implementation and monitoring mechanisms.  

By using Workflo Solutions Document and Records Management we can help your company to benefit from substantial economic benefits. One of our consultants will come out to you and talk to you about every option available, this is so we can determine the best way to proceed with your document needs. Our EDMS allows you to digitise all your paper-based processes. Turning everything you and your team are currently doing and making it digital, we can even help to automate any laborious tasks.  

We receive, track, manage, and store your documents digitally, cutting down on paper usage all while reducing overheads and helping to achieve sustainable goals within your company. Our service even keeps track of all changes and previous versions of documents that have been created and/or modified. 

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