Digital Transformation

Digitise your business by leveraging the latest technology to automate processes, enhance security, support GDPR compliance, and to lower your carbon footprint.

Automate Workflows

Automate Workflows

Reduce Print Spend

Reduce Print Spend

Increase Margins

Increase Margins

Become Truly Mobile

Become Truly Mobile

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What is Digital Transformation?

We’ve all heard the term, but is it just the new “paperless office” dream? – No!

To us at Workflo, digital transformation can be easily defined, we believe in keeping things simple; it’s the application of digital technology to streamline processes, improve productivity, enhance customer value, mitigate risks, reduce overheads, and ultimately, to increase your bottom line.

Will it make you “paperless”? We doubt it, but your paper usage will certainly reduce. Let’s protect the environment and reduce your costs together.

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Accounts Payable

Our Docuflo solution captures paper and electronic invoices and automatically matches them to purchase orders. It provides customised workflows which manage your approval process, before posting the approved amounts back to your general ledger through pre-built ERP integrations.

It reduces paper usage, avoids potential input errors (we’re only human), reduces invoice handling, streamlines the approval process and ends manual entry. Ultimately, we want to help you capture valuable time to serve your customers.

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HR Management

Docuflo helps you deliver a whole new level of expertise, transparency, clarity and value to your employees and colleagues. Hundreds of organisations worldwide use Docuflo to centralise, secure, and organise their employees information.

Workflo can help you improve processes; from recruitment, to performance reviews, salary management and electronic data delivery for new starts, directly via the cloud.

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Secure Document Archiving

Docuflo provides complete document archiving, storing and indexing for companies who desire a safe & secure repository for their most important business information.

Scanned documents can be stored in all major formats, including PDFs, email, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more), images and many more.

Fully automated, highly reliable, and thorough indexing ensures document organisation is precise. Data is immediately available and actionable in a workflow. Every document is complete with no data being missed.

Every time you capture a document, it’s version and annotation are logged, providing full traceability. In addition, every workflow step is recorded for process transparency. With Docuflo, auditing has never been faster or more complete.

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Docuflo and GDPR

Unfortunately, there is no single piece of technology which meets all of GDPR’s requirements. A business must adopt a holistic data management strategy. However, electronic document management (EDM) and workflow automation both play key roles. 

Docuflo offers both a document management and a workflow automation solution. These help build the foundations for GDPR compliance. Secure and easily administered access rights, coupled with a rigorous information framework, help to ensure you can demonstrate that you’re in control of all personal data held.

When using Docuflo, your business gains the ability to locate and access the personal information stored in, and processed throughout your business. You can export, correct and permanently delete personal data. This is particularly important in complying with the new “right to be forgotten” law.



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