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Cloud Security

What is cloud security, and why is it important to your business?

Cloud security accounts for the parts of cybersecurity which are involved in securing cloud computing systems. It accounts for keeping data private and secure across online-based infrastructure, platforms, and applications. Effort is required from cloud providers and users to secure the variety of systems. Cloud providers provide ‘always-on’ internet connections, while securing the cloud is essential to the provider the responsibility to do this also lies with the client. An understanding of security in the cloud is critical to finding an appropriate security solution.

Cloud security works by ensuring that data is recoverable in the instance of data loss, storage and networks are protected against data thefts, accounts for human error or negligence that have the potential to cause data leaks, and to help lessen the impact of any data or system compromise.

Data security is a part of cloud security that requires the technical end of prevention, encryption is commonly used as a tool to do this. This is a popular option because if the data is stolen then it will be unreadable unless they have the encryption key.

Since the introduction of cloud-based technology solutions cybersecurity has had a major rethink, now that data and applications are always internet-accessible. From accessing a Google Doc on your phone to using Salesforce to check in on your customers, all of this data can be held anywhere. As this data can be kept anywhere it means that it becomes more challenging to protect the data. Workflo Solutions have a team of in-house technology experts, get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you with cloud-based solutions.

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