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Christmas Foodbank: Reverse Advent Calendar

At the core of Workflo Solutions is an affinity for giving back to the community, shown in our previous 10 days of lockdown cheer initiative. As the festive season approaches, we operate on the basis that we are open to suggestions from staff when it comes to giving back to the community. The West Lothian Foodbank reverse advent calendar was suggested by one of our team members.

What Exactly is a Reverse Advent Calendar?

It’s as simple as it sounds. Just like a normal advent calendar, you get something every day to enjoy: maybe a little chocolate or a Christmas decoration to put on the tree. A reverse calendar works by bringing in something for Christmas dinner every day: dried stuffing mix, custard, tinned vegetables, etc. Running until November 4th, the donation station set up in Workflos’ head office is already starting to fill up.

Anytime a good cause like this comes around the managing director of Workflo Solutions Michael Field is always on board, saying that where he can give back he will always do his bit to contribute to the community.

To see how we are got on with the Reverse Advent Calendar hop over to our social media pages.

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