Black Friday: What You Need To Know About Cyber Crime

The run up to holidays kicking off with Black Friday is now akin to a celebrated as a holiday among the cybercrime community.  

On the run up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday a new set of retail guidelines paired with several warnings to consumers and businesses concerning their cyber security risk. The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has issued a new set of guidelines for retailers, alongside a stark warning to more than 4,000 SMEs. These guidelines have come into place as the UK’s cyber security agency discovered that over 4,000 small businesses had left their customers payment details susceptible to threat, subsequently, leading to their customers being victims to credit card skimmers. 

Each of the identified 4,151 retailers had unknowingly allowed their sites to play host to credit card skimmers, each exploiting the vulnerabilities in the software chosen to take payments, by diverting payments and stealing customer data. Computer Weekly have reported on the issue, identifying the problem is the use of software with a known vulnerability in it, Adobe’s Magento.

A lot of businesses are still using this software without updating it, which during a time when cyber security is a top priority for many consumers. A lack of IT knowledge or even ignorance is what Computer Weekly has identifies as the common denominator in this instance.   

Some steps to ensure your safety online 

  • Ensure that the deal is not ‘too good to be true’ hackers have begun to base their strategy around people looking for the best holiday deals. If it seems too good a deal, then it probably is.  
  • Look out for email requests for a password reset, unless you have requested to update or change your password. 
  • Do not click links in emails or messages, unless they are from a trusted source 

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