Behind The Scenes At Workflo – Courtney

I’m Courtney C and I handle Workflo Solutions marketing, which came to be through Workflo’s director Michael getting in touch via LinkedIn. Most of my experience had been primarily operational, admin based. I’d left school and bounced around several departments trying to find what I wanted to do for a career, until 2019 when I decided to study marketing and become a marketer!

Finally finding what I wanted to do and going to study was amazing, but then Covid made an appearance sending my studies online and halting my temp work. I wasn’t ready for how difficult it would be to get part time and flexible work during all of this, especially within marketing, the demand for years of experience was a lot. I decided to focus on my studies and try not worry too much and became more active on Linkedin.

Come November 2020, Michael messaged me asking about my experience and essentially asking me if I was capable and up to the challenge of taking on their marketing executive role. Michael was upfront and I was too. I almost expected that he, upon realising that as far as marketing went, most of my experience was through College at the time, would move on and tell me he’d need someone with years and years of ‘on the job’ experience. Safe to say I got lucky! Michael expressed he cared for attitude and drive, he specifically told me that you cannot teach that, and he could see I had that, to say that recognition meant a lot is an understatement.

I have been at Workflo now for 5 months, I have a team and leader that believe in me and I feel fortunate. I am grateful to have had opportunity to kickstart my career and have flexibility with my studies. – Courtney C

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