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Alzheimer Scotland: A Case Study

Case Study

Alzheimer Scotland is the leading dementia organisation in Scotland, providing wide-ranging specialist services for those with dementia and for their carers; the support the charity offers to individuals and their communities is vital, as it delivers information and advice at every stage of the dementia journey. As a sister charity of Alzheimer’s Society, formed in 1979, Alzheimer Scotland shares its founders’ vision to raise public awareness of the disease. Moreover, just like its founder, it does not exclusively deal with those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease; rather it works with people suffering from a huge variety of differing diseases, under the umbrella term of dementia. This can include anything from the most common, Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia, to much rarer causes of dementia.

Over the last five years, Alzheimer Scotland has been developing new dementia resource centres across the whole of Scotland. Through these, the charity provides Dementia Advisors, specialist one-to-one support services, peer supporters, day centres, dementia cafés, community activities, and much more. They aim to create opportunities for those living with dementia, and their carers, to gain knowledge, support, and their friendship. To find out more about the services Alzheimer Scotland can provide, visit their website: www.alzscot.org

Where Does Workflo Fit In?

In order to fund the centres and support it provides, the charity is very reliant on donations and contributions from individuals and corporations. This also means that it needs to keep its overheads down as much as possible. One of the ways Alzheimer Scotland manages to do this is by choosing Workflo’s range of efficient and cost-effective MFDs for all sites.

From Dumfies to Stornaway, to Portree, Wick and Thurso, Alzheimer Scotland has between 40 to 50 sites, almost all of which use Workflo. We spoke to Gus Mitchell, IT Manager for the charity, to find out why Workflo works for them: “One of the things we wanted to do was to have only one supplier service, and the service we get from Workflo is very good. If we call in a fault, someone turns up quickly and sorts it out”

With sites all over Scotland, this is a major necessity in order to guarantee efficient workplaces. Workflo’s automatic fleet management system means the charity’s staff don’t have to waste valuable time waiting for machines to be fixed; when a fault occurs, a notification is sent straight to Workflo and they get someone on the case immediately. The fleet management system also means that when supplies are running low, a message is sent to Workflo’s service centre, again preventing wasted time and hassle. Ultimately this means that the charity’s staff can spend their time working on what really matters: the communities and individuals they support.

Because we have implemented Workflo’s MFD range throughout the sites, it keeps costs down, as they don’t need to pay for separate machines for separate functions. “Price-wise commercially, we’re getting a very good deal”, says Gus, who has worked with other printing systems before, but in his time with Alzheimer Scotland over the last five years has rolled out Workflo printers in the charity spread across Scotland in sync with its resource centres. As a result, he says he “would quite happily recommend Workflo to others” because it;s reliable, efficient and cost-effective.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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