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95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error.

With cyber related crimes and attacks on the rise, when did you last review your own security?

Gartner forecasts the information security market to reach around £150 Billion in 2022. This is because a number of large organisations are investing in their own cyber protections, due to the increase in cyber threats.

During the current pandemic there has been a mass migration to home/remote working, which opens its own security issues. Remote workers have been targeted by a variety of threats recently, cloud solutions have been breached through phishing based approaches and there has been a huge rise in social engineering formed approaches – these use AI to imitate a sender’s language within an email, normally requesting funds or some call to action.

The best form of protection is speaking to Workflo, allowing us to review both your protections and processes, delivering market leading security products and services, whilst ensuring your software is patched and up to date.

There’s nothing funny about a cyber-attack or breach, however the human behavior that leads to some of these breaches can be….

BYOD.. how many have this in place? Even staff using their own mobiles for emails or calls? Our David Rankine tells us about a time in a previous role when a colleague who used his mobile phone for business purposes had a bit of spare time and thought viewing some adult content via the device was the norm. Link clicked, pop up on screen saying “you have been infected, download”, the colleague clicked download, before gingerly asking David to look at the device and remove said application. Thankfully there were no data breaches or leaks, but there was a third party resource stealer installed. There is a moral to the story in there somewhere, we’ll leave you to decide what it is…

– David Rankine

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