Print Audit

Print Audit

At Workflo we believe in building a trusting and lasting relationship with all our clients. Our business is built on providing you with simple and honest advice which will enhance your business.

Unlike other organisations we are not sales driven, meaning all information we provide you is true to your companies specific requirements and not simply a sales pitch.

That is why we offer a complimentary print audit of your company. We will analyse your company current requirements and the volumes you print to investigate areas for potential savings. Even a minor change to your usual print habits could potentially save you thousands of pounds every year.

Stages of Print Audit:

For your company to make an informed decision on your print requirements we will provide you with all of our findings of your current setup in a detailed report with our proposal. Our proposal is a detailed six section report which discusses our analysis of your companies print requirements whilst highlighting any hidden costs. In our report we will aslo analyse your current contract to advise you of how to free you from any unwelcome obligations.

Proposal Contents:

Our Vision For Your Business: A New Approach

In an industry surrounded by large multinational organisations Workflo believe in focusing on the personal relationship with a company and being locally focused rather than concentrating simply on big wins.

As we are locally focused you can be assured that your companies print performance is our priority and we will continually monitor and support your business to create a seamless process. Our proposal will highlight our focus as we do not simply take into account the devices, we will also speak to various employees to understand the needs and hurdles that your organisation currently face. At Workflo we are not aiming for quick wins but for long lasting relationships which is why our proposals are so detailed.

Our Assessment: This Is Where You Are

As part of the print audit we look in depth at your current print requirements and what you are receiving. We will highlight where you could be making savings through your print services. We will analyse your current contract to discover any hidden fees which you may not even be aware of.

Often we discover that companies have been oversold on their needs, as we are not sales driven we will provide simple, honest advice which often saves companies money.

Our Solution: The Best Fit For You

In our investigation we will analyse the number of devices in use and their respective volumes and running costs. Our advisors will also collect information from various employees on the types of documents they require to tailor a print plan for your business based on your businesses needs.

A Better Relationship: The Benefits To You

Our business is unique in that service is our number one priority. We understand how frustrating printing and copying can for companies that is why we aim to provide a seamless service through providing you with an appointed account manager so you always have one point of contact.

Total Support: The Practicalities

Workflo thrive to improve your productivity within the company through the automation of your processes. We will take care of everything for you from automatically supplying the toner to sending a technician to solve a problem. With an average callout response time of just 2 hours and 24 minutes you can rest assured that you will always be supported with Workflo.

We understand the varying levels of capabilities when it comes to print however our training officer is more than happy to provide any additional training required to assist and support individuals within your organisation.

A Bright Future: Your Acceptance Is Just The Beginning

At Workflo we believe in creating a long term relationship therefore we will never stop managing and looking for opportunities for your company to save even further on there print services. Your assigned account manager will continually monitor your company through our state-of-the-art fleet management software to ensure that we will be aware of any problem before you even notice!

If you are interested in having Workflo conduct an in depth print audit and proposal of your organisation, get in touch with one of our advisors today.



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